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September 26, 2023

A kid posed with his pilot dad in an airplane. Almost 30 years later they recreated the photo

The story of Marshall and Larry Cloyd is an inspiring one. Marshall, then a 5-year-old boy, beamed with joy as he posed for a photo in an airplane cockpit with his pilot dad, Larry. Fast-forward three decades and Marshall, now 35, and Larry, now 71, recreated the memorable photo. In August 2019, the father-son duo visited the same exact airplane where Larry first taught Marshall to fly. From the smiles on their faces, it’s obvious they were filled with the same joy they felt in the original photo. Although the Cloyd family has now scattered, with Larry and Marshall living in different states, they still stay close. Marshall even owns his own small plane and recently took his father on a unforgettable flight. The Cloyds were overwhelmed with emotion as Marshall’s daughter, Bryton, served as the co-pilot. With this emotional joyride, Marshall continued the family’s long-standing aviation legacy. For Marshall and Larry, the most powerful moment came when the father and son recreated the photo that has been cherished for over 30 years. In their own words, the Cloyds said, “We love the lasting legacy of the photo and the time spent together flying together creating our own uniquememories.”