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September 26, 2023

Another delivery driver dies as a battle rages over heat safety in Texas

On July 7th, a 41-year-old delivery driver in Texas died due to heat-related illness as he was making deliveries to customers. His death is one of several deaths that have occurred over the last year linked to hot conditions and labor issues. These incidents have sparked a debate across the nation regarding heat safety in Texas and other states for anyone who works outside. The same day, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a notice to employers in the Lone Star State that some deliveries could cause extreme heat exposure and create a dangerous situation for delivery drivers. The notice called for employers to take steps to protect their workers and offered recommendations on how to reduce the risk of serious heat-related illness or death. The tragedies that occurred in recent months have exposed a lack of oversight in the industry and raised awareness about labor rights issues, such as the unavailability of paid breaks or adequate rest periods, both of which can lead to heat-related illness, dehydration, and even death. Several organizations are calling on the Texas legislature to pass tougher laws to ensure workplaces are safe in exceedingly hot conditions and that employers are held accountable for providing safe and fair working conditions for their employees. Until such laws are passed, the battle for workplace safety and heat protection continues.