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September 26, 2023

Biden surveys Hurricane Idalia’s damage in Florida, without DeSantis

As of September 2020, Hurricane Idalia has not yet reached the United States. However, if it does, Vice President Joe Biden could visit the area in Florida that has been most affected by Hurricane Idalia without Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Biden could work with local officials to assess the damage caused by the hurricane and coordinate relief efforts. Biden could meet with local government workers, first responders, and volunteers to get an accurate assessment of the storm's impact. He could also tour the affected areas, speak to local business owners, and hold a town hall to hear illustrative stories about the impact of the storm on the local population. While he might not need Governor DeSantis to take part in these activities, he could speak with him before and/or after his visit to provide an update or a progress report. In addition to gathering information and conducting interviews in the affected areas, Biden could work with the impacted communities to ensure they have access to the resources and assistance they need to rebuild. He could provide direct federal assistance, such as debris removal, funding for repairs and rebuilding, and emergency assistance for those in need. Biden could also work with local authorities to advocate and coordinate FEMA response and relief efforts. Biden's visit could serve as a sign that these communities are not forgotten and that the federal government is willing to support them during this difficult time.