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May 18, 2023

Biden visits University of Pennsylvania campus for the first time since classified documents controversy

On Monday, President Joe Biden visited the University of Pennsylvania campus for the first time since the controversy surrounding his classified documents erupted. The visit was part of his ongoing efforts to promote his infrastructure plan and to engage with young voters. The controversy began in 1987 when Biden was running for president and was accused of plagiarizing a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. It was later discovered that Biden had also plagiarized a law review article while he was in law school. The controversy led to Biden dropping out of the presidential race. In 2019, the controversy resurfaced when it was revealed that Biden had donated his senatorial papers to the University of Delaware, but had also kept some of his papers at the University of Pennsylvania. The papers at Penn included the Kinnock speech and the law review article. The controversy led to calls for Biden to release all of his papers, including those at Penn. Biden initially resisted, arguing that the papers were private and that he had already released enough information about his past. However, he eventually relented and released the papers in 2020. Biden's visit to Penn was seen as an attempt to put the controversy behind him and to reach out to young voters. The University of Pennsylvania is a prestigious Ivy League school with a large student body, many of whom are politically active. During his visit, Biden spoke about his infrastructure plan and the need to invest in America's future. He also took questions from students, many of whom asked about his plans for addressing climate change and racial inequality. Overall, Biden's visit to Penn was seen as a success. He was able to engage with young voters and to promote his agenda, while also putting the controversy surrounding his papers behind him. It remains to be seen whether the controversy will resurface in the future, but for now, Biden can focus on his presidency and his plans for the future.