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September 26, 2023

California voters issue strong rebuke to Dem plan to offer cash reparations: poll

According to a recent poll, California voters overwhelmingly disapproved of a proposed Democratic plan to offer cash reparations for slavery. The poll, conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California, revealed that 74% of California residents disapproved of reparations, while only 20% approved. Analysts noted that the differences in opinion largely fell along partisan lines, with 96% of Republican voters opposed and 42% of Democratic voters in support of the plan. Majority opinion showed a strong negative sentiment across virtually all demographic groups surveyed. “California voters’ opinions on reparations demonstrate a widely held belief that this could be an ineffective policy to right the wrongs of the past or an unfair burden on taxpayers,” said Mark Baldassare, president and CEO of the Public Policy Institute of California. “The issue has powerful implications for how people see race, given the unique history of slavery in this country.”