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September 26, 2023

FBI tracks over 100 incidents of Chinese nationals posing as tourists to breach US military sites: report

According to a report from the United States Department of Justice, federal agents have tracked over 100 incidents of Chinese nationals posing as tourists to gain access to US military sites. The report reveals that the incidents are linked to espionage and other security-related concerns. It also states that Chinese nationals were arrested for posing as tourists in order to gain access to restricted areas of military bases. The report further reveals that Chinese government and military officials often exploit the visa waiver program to enter the United States. Such visitors are able to observe military installations and collect sensitive information without fear of being detected. In some cases, Chinese nationals carrying high-end camera equipment have been discovered on US military bases. In other cases, intelligence officers have been caught attempting to purchase sensitive or classified US military components. These instances demonstrate China's ongoing efforts to target Sino-US military relations. The US Department of Justice has also reported that Chinese diplomats and intelligence officers often use false identities to gain access to US military and government facilities. Such visits are often meant to gather information about military personnel and operations. As a response to these incidents, the US Department of Defense has begun to restrict the number of Chinese travelers granted access to US military sites. They have also imposed additional restrictions on visas issued to Chinese nationals. The US Department of Justice has urged Congress to enact additional measures to defend US military installations against espionage and other threats posed by Chinese nationals. Until then, they have encouraged US military sites to adopt stricter security protocols.