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September 26, 2023

Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones hits back at ‘sickening’ investigation targeting him, connection to Trump case

Georgia Lt. Governor Burt Jones has hit back at what he called a "sickening" investigation targeting his connection to a criminal case involving Donald Trump. Jones said he was being “targeted for my involvement in a years-old court case that has absolutely nothing to do with any political matters of any kind." He added, “For any political opponent to suggest otherwise is both desperate and wrong.” The criminal case involves a former law partner of Jones’, Bert Rein, who has represented President Trump in recent years. Rein is accused of improperly obtaining Georgia state property tax information regarding one of Trump’s business partners in a private lawsuit with the state of Georgia. Jones said the investigation into his involvement was “completely unfounded and politically motivated,” and he accused his opponents of trying to “politicize this matter to their gain ahead of November’s election.” He said that he has done nothing wrong and will fight any attempts to “smear” his name. Jones has requested the state investigator release a full statement clarifying his involvement in the case, so the public can make an informed decision on the matter. He added that he will fully cooperate with the investigation in an effort to exonerate himself.