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September 26, 2023

‘Hard and hostile’ storm lashes Spain, leaving at least 2 dead

(Reuters) At least two people are dead and another injured after a “hard and hostile” storm cut off electricity, uprooted trees and damaged homes in northwestern Spain. The storm, which hit Thursday night, was the worst seen in Spain this year. It included heavy rain and wind gusts clocked at almost 90 km/h (55 mph), according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency. The storm left thousands of people without electricity across Galicia and forced the closure of some major roads. In addition to the two dead, one person was injured after being crushed by a fallen tree. The Spanish government declared a state of emergency in the region and said it would mobilize resources to help local authorities in the affected areas. The storm shut down more than 500 factory work shifts and sparked small fires due to fallen electric cables. As of Friday, the storm had passed and the government was urging people to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety.