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September 26, 2023

House Republicans demand info on how DOJ uses taxpayer dollars as department funding battle rages

House Republicans are pressing the Department of Justice to give them financial information on how taxpayer dollars are being allocated amid an ongoing battle concerning the department's funding. In a letter sent to the department Monday, representatives from the House Judiciary and Financial Services Committee asked for an update on the agency's spending. "In light of ongoing legislative debates regarding the Department of Justice and its funding levels, the Committees seek to understand the Department’s current budgeting practices and the manner in which current funding levels are allocated," the letter read. The letter requested information on how much of the department's funding went toward what it said were eight different areas: salaries, transportation, information technology, administrative expenses, travel, buildings and rent, litigation, and grants and services. The Republican-led committee said the letter was part of its "oversight responsibilities" on how taxpayer dollars are being used. The Trump administration has been locked in a budget battle with Congress over the department's funding. President Trump has proposed cutting the department's budget by $1.5 billion, sparking a backlash from Democrats and some Republicans, who said the proposed cuts put crucial national security functions at risk.