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September 26, 2023

Images of ‘wonder and woe’ in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

1. Wonder: A wild barn owl perched in the arms of an ancient olive tree, by Teodor Zlatanov, Bulgaria 2. Woe: A trawler’s discarded net clogging an AntarcticHA beach, by Tomasz Szatewicz, Poland 3. Wonder: A diver silhouetted against a sunburst, by Stuart Westmorland, USA 4. Woe: The body of a snow hare at the edge of a melting glacier, by Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson, Iceland 5. Wonder: A fluke emerging from the depths in Elphinstone Reef, by FabienMichel, France 6. Woe: Dying coral on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, by Justin Gilligan, Australia