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September 26, 2023

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny slams Russia’s ‘corrupt’ elite for bringing Putin to power

Alexey Navalny, Russia’s leading opposition figure, has hit out at Russia’s “corrupt” elite for creating a system that has enabled the rule of President Vladimir Putin for two decades. Speaking in an interview with German broadcaster ARD, Navalny said the politico-economic system in Russia “benefits only a small group of people at the top”, and that, because of this, Putin and his accomplices will continue to remain in power. He argued that the powerful, shifty “elite” has foisted Putin and his policies on the Russian people and kept them in power. He also said that he believes the only way to undermine this elite and to bring a positive change in Russia is to make them accountable for their actions. Navalny also pointed out that the only way to achieve that is for ordinary people in Russia to take a stand against the corrupt elite and their system.