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May 14, 2023

New Hampshire House passes $15.9B budget proposal

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has passed a $15.9 billion budget proposal for the next two years. The budget includes funding for education, healthcare, and infrastructure, among other things. One of the key features of the budget is a $138 million increase in funding for K-12 education. This includes $20 million for full-day kindergarten programs, which will be available to all school districts in the state. The budget also includes $10 million for school safety measures, such as security upgrades and mental health services. In addition to education, the budget includes $2.5 billion for healthcare programs, including Medicaid and mental health services. This funding will help to ensure that all New Hampshire residents have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their income or insurance status. The budget also includes $1.5 billion for transportation infrastructure, including road and bridge repairs and improvements to public transportation. This funding will help to improve the state's transportation system, making it safer and more efficient for residents and visitors alike. Other key features of the budget include $50 million for affordable housing programs, $10 million for workforce development initiatives, and $5 million for renewable energy projects. Overall, the budget proposal represents a significant investment in the future of New Hampshire. By prioritizing education, healthcare, and infrastructure, the state is taking important steps to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to thrive and succeed.