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May 15, 2023

North Dakota House fails to override Gov. Burgum’s veto of transgender pronoun ban

The North Dakota House of Representatives recently failed to override Governor Doug Burgum's veto of a bill that would have banned transgender individuals from using the bathroom or locker room that aligns with their gender identity. The bill, which was passed by the House in March, would have required schools and other public entities to designate separate facilities for transgender individuals. The bill was met with widespread criticism from LGBTQ+ advocates, who argued that it would have discriminated against transgender individuals and violated their civil rights. Governor Burgum, a Republican, vetoed the bill in April, stating that it was unnecessary and would have created more problems than it solved. Despite the governor's veto, supporters of the bill attempted to override it in the House. However, they fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to do so, with only 46 of the 63 members voting in favor of the override. The failure to override the veto is a victory for transgender rights advocates, who have been fighting against similar bills in other states. In recent years, several states have passed laws that restrict transgender individuals from using the bathroom or locker room that aligns with their gender identity, citing concerns about privacy and safety. However, these laws have been met with legal challenges and have been largely unsuccessful in court. In 2016, North Carolina passed a similar law, known as HB2, which was later repealed after facing widespread backlash and economic boycotts. The failure of the North Dakota bill is a reminder that discrimination against transgender individuals is not acceptable and that efforts to restrict their rights will not be tolerated. It is important for lawmakers to focus on creating inclusive policies that protect the rights of all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. In conclusion, the North Dakota House's failure to override Governor Burgum's veto of the transgender pronoun ban is a positive step towards protecting the rights of transgender individuals. It is important for lawmakers to continue to work towards creating inclusive policies that promote equality and respect for all individuals.