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September 26, 2023

NYC Mayor Adams slams ‘right to shelter,’ says migrant crisis ‘not sustainable’ after touting sanctuary status

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has slammed the "right to shelter" rule that forces the city to house homeless migrants, saying the crisis is "not sustainable." The mayor said he supports providing a safe space for migrants coming to New York in search of safety but said the city must "find ways to better protect our resources" and called on the federal government to do more. “We have identified some options and strategies that could better assist the city and the homeless migrant population, from a more rational domestic immigration policy to actual funding and resources from the federal government to support services for this vulnerable population,” de Blasio said. He also touted the city’s status as a sanctuary city, saying it was important to recognize the dignity of migrants. “New York City will continue to be a sanctuary for all,” he said. “We will stand against any policy that turns away those in need of safety, comfort, and protection.” The mayor’s comments come amid an ongoing migrant crisis in the city, as the number of homeless migrants seeking shelter in the city has surged in recent months, causing backups in homeless shelters across the five boroughs.