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September 26, 2023

Pence says Trump is ‘missing an opportunity’ with his decision about the Iowa State Fair

Vice President Mike Pence has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision not to attend the Iowa State Fair, saying it’s a missed opportunity to help farmers and engage with the key constituency in the state. Pence said this week that he understands why Trump wouldn’t want to attend an event during the pandemic, but he believes the president could still use other methods to show his support for the agriculture industry. Pence suggested that Trump could host a “virtual roundtable” with Iowa farmers to discuss the issues they’re facing in these uncertain times. He also urged the president to consider launching radio and television ads in key Iowa markets to amplify his support for Midwest farmers and their families and to send a message of hope to the people of the Hawkeye State. It’s essential that candidates and officeholders take every opportunity to reach out to all key constituencies in an election year. As Pence said, Trump is missing a great chance to listen to Iowa farmers, connect with them, and provide them with support during this difficult time.