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September 26, 2023

Pence sidesteps on supporting Trump if convicted, says Biden too ‘has trampled on the Constitution’

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday sidestepped on whether he would support President Trump for reelection if he were to be convicted in his upcoming Senate trial on impeachment charges. At a campaign event in Wisconsin for Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, Pence commended the president’s record on the economy, trade, and foreign policy and went on to criticize the handling of issues by the Biden-Harris administration, saying it “has trampled on the Constitution and the rule of law.” When pressed for an answer on whether he would back Trump if he was convicted in the Senate trial, Pence deflected the question, saying: “I believe in the rule of law, and I’ll leave the decisions in the hands of our elected representatives in the Senate.” The vice president went on to argue that no matter what happens with the impeachment trial, President Trump’s legacy will endure. “I think that the marks he made on this country’s future will be indelible and they will last for generations to come,” Pence said.