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September 26, 2023

Predicting Bull Runs, Filing for ETFs, Collecting Txn Info and 20 Crypto Jokes

1. Why did the Bitcoin go to the bakery? To get a BTC(ake)! 2. What did the crypto trader say when he broke the Fibonacci sequence? Oopsie daisy! 3. How do Moonmen track their profits? They use the Lunatik Tracker! 4. What did the bullish investor say when predicting a bull run? Let's go to the moon! 5. What did the Ethereum developer say when a transaction was declined? Transaction denied! 6. What do crypto investors call their wallets? Coin pouches! 7. What did the miner say when asked about block rewards? I'm mining for the rewards! 8. What do traders do when they see a potential bull run? They do their research and make a move! 9. Why did the DeFi developer want to file for an ETF? In order to make their tokens tradable on exchanges! 10. What do investors do to ensure a safe crypto transaction? They check and double-check all transaction information.