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May 14, 2023

Rep Comer claims testimony by Biden’s former assistant on classified docs ‘undermines’ White House’s narrative

Rep Comer Claims Testimony by Biden's Former Assistant on Classified Docs 'Undermines' White House's Narrative The ongoing controversy surrounding the handling of classified documents by the Biden administration has taken a new turn, with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) claiming that recent testimony by a former assistant to President Biden has undermined the White House's narrative on the issue. The controversy began when it was revealed that the Biden administration had revoked the security clearance of a former Trump administration official, Kash Patel, who had been appointed to a senior role in the Defense Department by President Trump. The move was widely seen as politically motivated, and raised concerns about the Biden administration's commitment to transparency and accountability. In response to these concerns, the House Oversight Committee launched an investigation into the matter, and called on several key witnesses to testify. One of these witnesses was Tony Blinken, who served as Biden's deputy national security adviser during the Obama administration. During his testimony, Blinken was asked about the handling of classified documents by the Biden administration, and specifically about the decision to revoke Patel's security clearance. Blinken defended the decision, arguing that it was based on legitimate concerns about Patel's handling of classified information. However, Rep. Comer challenged Blinken's testimony, pointing to a recent interview with Patel in which he claimed that he had never mishandled classified information, and that the decision to revoke his security clearance was politically motivated. Comer argued that Patel's testimony undermined the White House's narrative on the issue, and suggested that the Biden administration may have acted improperly in revoking Patel's security clearance. He called on the Oversight Committee to continue its investigation, and to hold the Biden administration accountable for any wrongdoing. The controversy over the handling of classified documents by the Biden administration is likely to continue, as Republicans and Democrats continue to clash over the issue. However, Rep. Comer's claims that Blinken's testimony has been undermined by Patel's statements are likely to add fuel to the fire, and could lead to further scrutiny of the Biden administration's actions.