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November 28, 2023

Republic Plans to Pay Users’ Dividends on Avalanche Blockchain

The Republic, a blockchain investor network, has announced plans to use the Avalanche blockchain to pay dividends to users. The news comes just days after the Republic announced its first asset tokenization offering on the platform. The Republic plans to use Avalanche’s Turing-complete decentralized network to pay dividends to user-investors, who become owners of the asset token being tokenized. This process of paying dividends to users over blockchain networks is known as ‘tokenized dividend payments’. The Republic’s use of Avalanche’s network helps ensure the process is secure and transparent, with all transactions being verifiable on the blockchain. Users of the Republic’s platform will be able to receive their dividends one of two ways: by choosing to receive them in the form of AVAX tokens, Avalanche’s native asset, or by converting their AVAX tokens into a fiat currency like US dollars. The announcement of the Republic’s plans is part of a larger trend of companies embracing blockchain-based dividend payments. By using blockchain networks, companies can make payments more efficiently and securely, and they avoid the delays and high fees associated with traditional payment methods. The tokenized dividend payments can also help provide a more equitable and cost-effective method of distributing profits among investors. Going forward, the Republic hopes to use the Avalanche network to issue more asset tokenizations and gradually expand its user base. The platform also plans to diversify the types of assets it tokenizes, as well as integrate its native AVAX tokens into Ethereum’s blockchain to allow for greater liquidity.