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September 26, 2023

Rescued alligator with top half of its jaw missing gets new home at Gatorland, Florida

Gatorland, Florida, recently welcomed a new alligator to its family, an alligator with the top half of its jaw missing. The alligator was found in a lake in Central Florida by a local woman, who reached out to Gatorland for help. Gatorland agreed to take in the injured reptile, and the alligator arrived at the facility in December. The alligator now has a permanent home at Gatorland and has been given a special physical therapy regimen to help improve its mobility. Gatorland is also working with the alligator to come up with creative methods to help him feed on a regular basis. The alligator is now making the most of its new home by swimming, playing, and enjoying the sun at the facility. Gatorland hopes that the alligator’s newly found home will not just provide him sanctuary, but also an opportunity to connect with those who visit the facility. Staff at Gatorland are optimistic that the alligator will have a smooth transition and will thrive in his new home.