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September 26, 2023

South Carolina’s highest court upholds strict abortion ban

The South Carolina Supreme Court has upheld a strict abortion ban that would make abortion illegal in the state unless the life of the mother is in danger. The ruling upholds a bill passed in 2014 that prohibits abortion after 20 weeks, with no exceptions for rape or incest. The bill also requires women who seek abortions prior to 20 weeks to receive an ultrasound and have an in-person consultation with a doctor at least 24 hours prior to the abortion. The court’s ruling is a major victory for anti-abortion activists in the state, who claim that the legislation is necessary to protect unborn children. However, reproductive rights advocates claim that the law is a “direct attack” on the right to abortion and is an unconstitutional restriction on access to abortion. The ruling is expected to be challenged in federal court, and the matter could eventually make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.