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September 26, 2023

Southwest Airlines is now limiting a service that lets passengers buy a better spot in the boarding line

after complaints about an unfair advantage for customers who can afford to pay more. Southwest Airlines recently announced that it will no longer sell EarlyBird Check-In, a service that allowed passengers to pay a fee to get a better spot in the boarding line. The airline said that concerns about the service’s fairness have pushed the company to eliminate the feature. On the company's website, it noted that customers were “not happy” about the extra fees, and they felt like they were not being treated equally. EarlyBird Check-In was introduced in 2009 and allowed passengers to pay a fee of USD 15 per flight to guarantee a better position in the boarding line–a service that was valuable to many travelers. However, some felt that the feature was unfair, since those who couldn’t afford to pay got stuck in the back of the line. The decision to remove the service may be a smart one for Southwest Airlines, since the airline has a reputation for being passenger-friendly and putting customers first. The move could also help to boost customer loyalty while potentially attracting new customers who appreciate SouthWest’s commitment to fairness.