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March 20, 2023
March 20, 2023
The Fed Needs to Act Soon; Stocks Slip Below Key Support

It’s going to be a nailbiter for the next few day. The situation for stocks seems to be getting worse by the day as the Federal Reserve and the FDIC scramble to “reassure” depositors that their money is safe, despite a growing list of banks joining the ranks of the insolvent and the potentially insolvent.The […]

March 19, 2023
Week Ahead: NIFTY Hangs In Balance Near Crucial Supports; Important To Defend These Levels

The previous week remain a technically damaging one as the NIFTY violated a few important supports while closing on a negative note. The volatility too increased; this was though on the expected lines. The past five days also saw the global markets dealing with the collapse of SVB; the negative sentiment was seen across the […]

March 18, 2023
Here’s What the Markets are Telling Us – And It’s Not All Bad

It was another wild week for the markets, as turmoil amid the Banking industry spread to other areas. Oil prices slid to 1-year lows and Treasury yields skidded lower. Other commodities also fell, while global-facing Industrial companies took it on the chin. Overall, the price action highlighted investors’ shift to fears of a global recession.The […]

CHAOS-Insert Any Headline Here-BUY #GOLD

When we wrote How to Grow Your Wealth in 2023, we began with ChaosTrying to Fit a Square Peg into a Round HoleLooking for Inflation in All the Wrong PlacesCould we have known at the time what headlines would emerge? No. Yet what was obvious is that “from central banks to sovereign spending and borrowing […]

Market Trend Model Turns Bearish

This week, stocks started in a position of strength and ended in a position of weakness. While some groups, like semiconductors, have managed to remain strong, the major benchmarks managing to pound out a positive return for the week, the broad market message appears cautious-at-best by my read.My main Market Trend Model is based on weekly […]

Biden’s Twitter account fact-checked for dubious claim about the taxes billionaires pay
NY prosecutor eyeing Trump has faced repeated criticism for being soft on crime
San Francisco supervisor Hillary Ronen begs for more police in her district after voting to defund in 2020
Manhattan DA’s case against Trump must be ‘strong’ to warrant ‘unprecedented’ arrest: Sen. Kelly says
California Gov. Gavin Newsom asks lawmakers for measure on 2024 ballot to approve new mental health beds
Trump calls Manhattan DA investigating him a ‘Racist in Reverse’
Elizabeth Warren, Marjorie Taylor Green agree people shouldn’t protest alleged Trump arrest
Dem senator calls on law enforcement to ‘pay attention’ to Trump protests ahead of potential arrest
Mike Pence responds to question regarding former President Trump’s possible arrest
Graham slams soft-on-crime Bragg for targeting Trump while New Yorkers ‘lucky’ not to get ‘mugged’
Trump 2024 opponent Vivek Ramaswamy slams possible looming indictment: ‘Dark moment in American history’
Pelosi, Dems calls Trump’s arrest warning ‘reckless,’ accuse him of fomenting ‘unrest’
DOJ appeals to Supreme Court after court invalidates domestic violence restraining order gun ban
GOP lawmakers slam potential Trump indictment: ‘Third World Banana Republic lunacy’
Trump targeted: A look at probes involving the former president; from Stormy Daniels to Russia to Mar-a-Lago
Trump-Stormy Daniels settlement at heart of potential NY DA indictment didn’t violate campaign law: FEC expert
Trump gears up for 2024 rally in Waco, Texas amid ongoing federal investigation, possible NY indictment
Kansas appeals court reinstates suit over ballot harvesting law
Massachusetts Gov. Healey looks to extend schools’ universal free lunch program
Conservative Dan Kelly releases first ad of Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign
Vermont Senate passes bill protecting providers of abortions, trans procedures from legal action
Trump says biggest threat to America is not Russia but ‘USA-hating people,’ including ‘godless’ Marxists
Longtime Wisconsin Sec. of State, ‘Fighting Bob’ relative Doug La Follette resigns post
Rick Scott demands answers on NIH funding that went to Wuhan Institute of Virology