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September 26, 2023

Surging Adoptions, Unsupporting BUSDs, Winning Cases and 20 Crypto Jokes

I. Surging Adoptions 1. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, went public on Nasdaq in April, making it the first major crypto company to do so. 2. PayPal recently announced that its users will be able to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. 3. Tesla has announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments for its cars. 4. Goldman Sachs has announced a new Bitcoin trading desk. 5. Visa and Mastercard have started to support crypto payments. 6. Several major banks are now offering cryptocurrency services to their clients. 7. Several countries have started to recognize cryptocurrencies as an asset class. II. Unsupporting BUSDs 1. The Credit Union National Association, an umbrella trade group representing 5,000 credit unions, has urged caution when considering using cryptocurrencies. 2. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has warned consumers to consider the risks associated with cryptocurrencies before investing. 3. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors has cautioned banks on the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. 4. The U.S. Futures Commission Merchant has warned investors of the risks associated with cryptocurrency futures trading. 5. The SEC has warned that some cryptocurrencies are unregistered securities and therefore illegal to purchase. III. Winning Cases 1. In 2013, the IRS issued a favorable tax determination for accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. 2. In 2014, a federal court ruled that Bitcoin is a form of money and subject to taxation. 3. In 2017, the SEC declared cryptocurrencies to be securities and subject to federal securities laws. 4. In 2018, the SEC established a new regulation for ICOs, requiring companies to register their tokens with the SEC before offering them to the public. 5. In 2019, the G20 released guidelines for regulating the cryptocurrency markets worldwide. IV. 20 Crypto Jokes 1. What did one Bitcoin say to the other? I don't know, I'm just hodling! 2. What do you call a crypto-currency miner who goes to jail? A jail-coiner! 3. What do you call someone who's not into blockchain? A no-coiner! 4. What did the merchant say when they accepted Bitcoin as a payment? Oh, snapcoin! 5. What did the court say when Bitcoin was declared money? It's officialcoin! 6. Why couldn't the crypto trader find his wallet? He must have put it in cold storage! 7. Why was the Bitcoin miner so grumpy? He was having a block-chain reaction! 8. What did the crypto investor say when he heard Bitcoin doubled in price? Sweet Satoshi! 9. How do Crypto YouTube personalities make money? By crypto-marketing themselves! 10. Why did the crypto investor get lost? Because he wasn't on the blockchain! 11. Why was the miner so desperate? Because he was mining for cryptocoins! 12. What did the crypto investor order at the restaurant? A crypto-pupperoni pizza! 13. What did the Crypto investor say after having a bad day? I'm going to take a crypto-nap! 14. What do you call a crypto joke? Ether-ial! 15. How do you know when someone is a crypto trader? They're always talking about their 'hodlings'. 16. What did the crypto investor say when asked if he lost money trading? I invested long bitcoin and out of the blockchain! 17. Why wasn't the blockchain at the party? It was too busy mining bitcoins! 18. What did the blockchain say when asked to work harder? I'm trying, I'm trying! 19. Why was the blockchain so quiet? It didn't have any transactions! 20. Why did the crypto investor stay up late? He was mining for the moon!