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September 26, 2023

Texas Gov. Abbott touts new border wall construction, amid Biden challenges over buoy barrier

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Monday touted the progress of new sections of wall being built on the U.S.-Mexico border, even as President Joe Biden's administration attempts to revoke a key permit that could block its construction. During a press conference near the Rio Grande, Abbott said construction had already begun on the newly authorized sections of wall. He noted that the cost of the project is being covered by Texas taxpayers, and criticized Biden's efforts to terminate a section of the 2006 Secure Fence Act that enabled the purchase of steel bollard fencing along the border. "Texas continues to take the lead to build the wall to protect our communities from drugs, dangerous criminals, and human traffickers," Abbott said. "It's ridiculous that Joe Biden and his administration are attempting to stop construction of a wall to protect Texans when they are allowing criminals and drugs to keep pouring into our state. We won't let that happen." Abbott promised that Texas officials would vigorously oppose Biden's attempt to revoke the permit, noting that the wall works to keep Texans and America safe. He also called on Congress to pass legislation to protect the 2006 Fence Act and prevent the administration from nullifying the key permit. In response, Biden has argued that his administration is committed to "smart, effective border security," and that a wall is not the answer. He has said the US will instead focus on deploying technology to help patrol the border.