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September 26, 2023

The patterns of out-of-state abortions

are highly varied and often depend on the individual reasons why the women are seeking an abortion. Generally, women may look to seek abortions out-of-state for a variety of reasons including state laws, enjoying more privacy, or wanting to be closer to family or friends for support. For example, many women in stricter abortion laws states may seek treatment just across their border in a more liberal state. In addition, some individuals may seek abortions outside of their own state if their insurance coverage does not apply in that state. Other factors such as cost, scare resources, or issues of personal safety may also be considerations into why a woman may seek an abortion out of state. Out-of-state abortions are also often driven by availability. For instance, many states have laws that mandate waiting periods before a women is able to receive an abortion, requiring her to either make multiple trips or seek services out-of-state. Additionally, the need for specialized services (such as late-term abortion) may require someone to seek out-of-state treatment.