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September 26, 2023

Types of Lithium Brine Deposits (Updated 2023)

1. Salar Deposits – These deposits are found on flat, barren landscapes called salars and are composed of brine from subsurface lakes. Brine from these salars is used for direct lithium extraction. 2. Geothermal Brines – These deposits are found in geothermal areas with temperatures higher than 150°C and they contain Geothermal steam deposits of lithium-rich brines. 3. Playa Brines – Playa brines are accumulations of evaporated water from streams and lakes containing high concentrations of lithium. 4. Petroliferous Brines – These deposits are found in oil and gas fields and contain high concentrations of lithium-bearing brines. 5. Coastal Sediments – Coastal sediment deposits are formed from precipitation of lithium-enriched brines from water bodies such as the Great Salt Lake and the Salton Sea. 6. Placer Deposits – Placer deposits are created when lithium-bearing material is deposited on the bed of river or ocean. 7. Pegmatites – Pegmatites are rock deposits of ionic minerals and sometimes contain high concentrations of lithium.