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September 26, 2023

Ukraine replaces Soviet-era hammer and sickle symbol with a trident on Kyiv statue

The Ukrainian government has replaced the Soviet-era hammer and sickle symbol with a trident on a prominent Kyiv statue. The statue, which stands atop a column in the center of Kyiv, is a tribute to the city's defenders who fought in the war for Ukrainian independence in 1918-1920. The trident replaces the hammer and sickle, which was used as the official symbol of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had annexed Ukraine in 1922 and remained in control until its fall in 1991. The trident, which features three prongs representing strength and resilience, is an ancient Slavic symbol that is associated with the protection of Ukraine. The government’s decision to replace the symbol is meant to emphasize a new era of Ukrainian sovereignty that is no longer beholden to Russian influence. It also signals a renewed sense of pride in Ukrainian history and identity, as the trident has been used in Ukraine as an emblem of national identity since medieval times. The change reflects the ongoing surge of Ukrainian patriotism in the wake of the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution, which saw millions of people rally in Kyiv to protest against corruption and Russian interference. It also serves as a reminder of Ukraine’s commitment to democracy and its fight for independence.