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September 26, 2023

UPS customers weigh backup plans as threatened strike date approaches

As the July 2, 2018 deadline for a threatened strike by UPS employees approaches, customers have begun to weigh their backup plans in the event of an actual work stoppage. Businesses of all sizes need to prepare for how to best manage critical operations in the event of a work stoppage. Customers are encouraged to look at their specific needs and come up with an alternate plan that allows them to send and to receive documents and products. In the case of UPS, customers may need to look into using FedEx, DHL, the Postal Service, or other shipping services to ensure that their deliveries arrive on time. Businesses may need to look into additional staffing solutions to make up for a potential disruption in service. Customers should also consider how to manage issues like customer support, billing, and other important customer service functions in the event of a strike. Finally, customers should look into their long-term options for shipping and logistics, if they feel that a short-term solution is necessary. Companies may want to explore new partnerships with carriers or look into other logistical solutions. In the end, customers should have a plan in place to ensure that operations can continue in the event of a UPS work stoppage. This could mean ensuring that documents and other materials are sent out as quickly as possible or finding new shipping solutions to replace or supplement UPS services. Companies should weigh every factor, from cost to customer service to timely delivery, when making their decision.