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May 10, 2023

Wisconsin DNR releases 3.5K public comments on wolf management plan

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has recently released over 3,500 public comments on their proposed wolf management plan. The plan has been a topic of controversy for many years, with advocates for both sides of the issue voicing their opinions. The proposed plan includes a quota of 200 wolves to be hunted each year, which has been met with opposition from animal rights groups who argue that the wolf population is still recovering from near extinction. However, many farmers and hunters argue that the wolf population has grown too large and poses a threat to livestock and other wildlife. The release of the public comments provides insight into the opinions of Wisconsin residents on the issue. Many comments express concern for the welfare of the wolves and the impact that hunting could have on their population. Others argue that hunting is necessary to control the wolf population and protect livestock. One comment reads, "Wolves are a vital part of our ecosystem and should not be hunted for sport. We need to protect these animals and allow them to thrive in their natural habitat." Another comment states, "As a farmer, I have seen firsthand the damage that wolves can do to my livestock. We need to manage the wolf population to protect our livelihoods." The DNR will take these comments into consideration as they finalize their wolf management plan. The plan is expected to be implemented in the fall of 2021. Overall, the release of the public comments highlights the importance of public input in wildlife management decisions. It is crucial that all voices are heard and considered in order to make informed and responsible decisions that benefit both the environment and the people who depend on it.