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February 18, 2024

5 takeaways from Haley and DeSantis in dueling televised town halls

1. Education: Both Governor DeSantis and former Governor Haley outlined their positions on education reform, emphasizing the importance of investing in public school systems, increasing access to high-quality early childhood education, bolstering vocational and technical education options, and finding ways to reduce student loan debt. 2. Healthcare:Governor DeSantis highlighted the need to protect patients in the Affordable Care Act while reducing healthcare costs, while Governor Haley advocated for increased competition and greater transparency to control healthcare costs. 3. Immigration: Haley argued for more secure borders and for those who want to work for a better life in the United States to have an earned path to citizenship, while DeSantis advocated for an enforcement approach as well as a merit-based legal immigration system. 4. Jobs: Both governors highlighted job creation and economic growth—but with different strategies. DeSantis focused on job creation through tax relief and removing regulations, while Haley emphasized public-private partnerships to create better job opportunities. 5. Environment: DeSantis spoke of protecting coastal and water systems while also creating alternative energy sources, while Haley advocated raising the environmental standards and inspecting all public infrastructure.