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April 3, 2024
NYC soft-on-crime DA Alvin Bragg admits to getting ‘a knot’ in stomach when family takes subway: report
House advances legislation mandating AI training for federal officials
Sen. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio ban the term ‘Latinx’ in new bill: ‘ridiculous terminology’
GOP fumes after Secret Service closes White House cocaine probe without a culprit: ‘just ridiculous’
Key House Freedom Caucus member predicts McCarthy to break promise on omnibus bill
Editor’s pick
TGI Fridays to close 36 ‘underperforming’ locations across the U.S.

January 10, 2024
Student loan repayment issues frustrate borrowers, prompting federal response

January 9, 2024
Pink Stanley Quencher Starbucks cup release sparks mayhem at Target stores

The recent release of a special edition of the Stanley Quencher Starbucks cup has sparked a frenzy among Starbucks-lovers and Target shoppers. The cup, which is a bright pink design, features the Starbucks logo and a bright pink lid. Shoppers who braved the cold and early morning hours for a chance to add the cup […]

January 8, 2024
Maersk halts Red Sea shipping until further notice after Houthi militant attack

Maersk, one of the world’s leading shipping companies, has temporarily suspended Red Sea shipping with immediate effect after a Houthi militant attacked one of its container ships in Yemeni waters last week. The company said in statement that it is dedicated to the safety and security of its crew and vessels and as a precautionary […]

January 7, 2024
Driverless cars immune from traffic tickets in California under current laws

Under current California laws, driverless cars are not immune from traffic tickets. California vehicle code applies to all operators of motor vehicles, including those that are Autonomous Vehicles (AV). Self-driving vehicles must comply with all the relevant traffic laws regarding speed limits, mandatory signaling, and sidewalk rules. Drivers of AVs can be ticketed for violations […]

January 6, 2024
Workers wrested a seat at the table on AI this year. Will it be enough?

It is difficult to say whether one significant seat at the table on AI this year will be enough, since this is a complex and rapidly evolving field. In order for workers to have an ongoing influence on decision-making around the development and use of AI, a sustained effort will need to be made to […]

January 4, 2024
January 10, 2024
TGI Fridays to close 36 ‘underperforming’ locations across the U.S.
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