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June 27, 2024

‘Angels’ and an ‘animal’: Biden, Trump spar on immigration ahead of debate

The statement refers to the contrasting views of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden on immigration policy. It seems they have differing perspectives or approaches towards this issue and are discussing or debating it ahead of a potential meeting or event. If the context is given as some recent development, likely possibilities could be: 1. Biden might be referring to the immigrants as 'Angels', implying that he views them positively as contributors to the country's development. His policies have been aimed at more inclusive and humane approach on immigration. 2. Trump may have referred to immigration as an 'animal', using it as a metaphor to describe the complexity and wild nature of the issue, or to describe his view on tough immigration policies. Throughout his term, Trump was known for his strict stance on immigration. Without specific quotes or context, it's difficult to provide an exact interpretation. For a more accurate understanding, one should refer to a complete statement or article where this line is used.