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February 18, 2024

Apple makes surprise decision to pause some Watch sales before Christmas over patent dispute

Apple has made the surprising decision to pause some of its Apple Watch sales ahead of the Christmas period due to a patent dispute. The decision affects two recent models of the Apple Watch series, the Series 5 and 6. The legal battle is related to intellectual property rights and questions of whether Apple has infringed on trademarks and patents belonging to a rival company. The court is expected to hand down a judgement in the case in the coming weeks. This is not the first legal dispute Apple has faced with the company facing off against many firms, both domestic and international, over a variety of matters. The decision has inevitably raised concerns about what this means for customers who are hoping to get their hands on an Apple Watch ahead of Christmas. However, it does not seem that the issue will have a major impact on availability, with Apple ensuring that alternative models are still readily available in stores.