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June 1, 2024

Australian state appoints official for ‘Men’s Behavior Change’ as outcry over violence against women grows

Australia's state of Victoria has appointed a new official role named "Men's Behavior Change" in response to the growing outcry over violence against women. The move comes amid increasing calls for critical action on the alarming rates of domestic violence against women across the state and the whole nation. The new role comes under the Department of Justice and Community Safety, and their primary responsibility would be to work with men involved in or at risk of becoming involved in, violent or abusive behavior, and enable them to make healthier, respectful, and non-violent choices. These changes play a significant role in protecting women and creating a safer community for all by addressing the societal and individual factors causing men's violence against women. Another important aspect of the role would involve collaborating with other organizations and service providers to offer support and intervention to men, particularly those already involved in the justice system. While the appointment of this role is a step in the right direction, many advocates and activists believe that more significant governmental support and societal change are necessary to address the issue effectively at its root causes.