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July 5, 2024

Campaign crisis: Dems who have called for Biden to drop out or raised concerns about his health

While no major Democratic politicians have publicly called for Biden to drop out after his 2020 presidential election win, various concerns have been raised about his health due to his age. Here are a few instances where concerns or suggestions were raised: 1. Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro: During the DNC Primary Debates in 2019 while competing against Biden, Castro questioned Biden's memory, highlighting a potential concern about his cognitive health. 2. In 2019, Cory Booker, at the time a candidate for the Democratic nomination, suggested that Biden might not have the resilience necessary for a campaign, though he didn't directly call for Biden to quit. 3. Tulsi Gabbard, also a 2020 Democratic Primary candidate, expressed concern over Biden's cognitive health on a few occasions. It is important to note that health concerns about presidential candidates are not unusual, mainly when the candidate is of advanced age. Questions were also raised about the health of Bernie Sanders, who is a little older than Biden, especially after he suffered a heart attack on the campaign trail in 2019. Since healthcare professionals have cleared Biden and there are no significant ongoing concerns about his ability to perform his duties, the primary focus has generally been on his policy and leadership. Public figures and citizens alike should respect the assessments of these professionals unless evidence suggests a serious concern.