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May 2, 2024

Democrats hope move to reschedule marijuana will help them in November

The Democratic Party is reportedly hoping that a push to reschedule marijuana will secure them more votes in the November elections. The move comes as an increasing number of states are legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational usage. Democrats believe that embracing these reforms will resonate with younger voters and those who believe in the declassification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug. Since public attitudes towards marijuana usage have softened in recent years, Democrats are viewing this as a popular and winning issue that could benefit them in local and national elections. They also believe that this could be a strategy to get traditionally non-voting marijuana advocates to the polls. The move could also potentially have economic and social justice implications. Many Democrats argue that marijuana prohibition has been a driver of racial disparities in the justice system and that legal reform could benefit communities disproportionately affected by it. The reaction from the Republican party is mixed. While some Republicans support the decriminalization of marijuana, many conservatives are still opposed to it. The issue could likely serve as a significant point of contrast between the two parties in the lead-up to the November elections. This effort from the Democrats aligns with a broader changing tide in American sentiment towards marijuana. A 2020 Gallup poll found that support for marijuana legalization had reached a record high, with 68% of adults in the U.S. in favor of it. However, the shift towards normalization of marijuana has also invoked conversations about potential health and societal concerns. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the November