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May 21, 2024

English courts consider nixing mandatory wigs for barristers amid concerns they’re ‘culturally insensitive’

Yes, it appears there has been recent discussion around this matter. The tradition for barristers to wear wigs in court is a longstanding one that dates back to the seventeenth century. This practice has been debated various times in the last few decades, with some arguing that it perpetuates elitism or is 'culturally insensitive'. The cultural insensitivity argument is focused on the concern that mandating wigs might alienate some who feel the practice doesn't reflect or respect their own cultural heritage or customs. It's part of a broader discussion on diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. However, it's important to note that the decision to discontinue this practice wouldn't be taken lightly given its significant historical roots. The debate surrounding this tradition is ongoing and might take time to reach a conclusion.