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February 13, 2024

GOP fumes after Secret Service closes White House cocaine probe without a culprit: ‘just ridiculous’

Republicans have reacted with outrage after the U.S. Secret Service announced it is closing its White House cocaine probe without apprehending anyone responsible for the security breach. The drug, which was found in a restroom near the Oval Office, was believed to have been used by someone affiliated with the White House. President Donald Trump's supporters were quick to criticize the agency's decision, with some arguing that it shows that the President has been let down by his own security detail. Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin called the decision "just ridiculous" and said the White House needs to take action to ensure that people who bring drugs onto the premises are caught and punished. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Secret Service was doing everything they could to find the source of the drugs, but she could not explain why the agency decided to close the case without making any arrests. Sanders pointed out that the Secret Service has probed other security incidents at the White House, including a fluke incident where an intruder was able to get into the building earlier this year. She said the Secret Service had "learned a lot" from the incident and vowed to continue to review its security protocols. Other Republicans echoed their criticism of the Secret Service, with many raising concerns about the agency's ability to protect the First Family and uphold its "sacred responsibilities". Meanwhile, Democrats have praised the Secret Service for doing what they could with the available information, and urged law enforcement authorities to keep pursuing the case until the culprit is found.