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July 3, 2024

How the blockbuster Supreme Court presidential immunity ruling impacts the Biden-Trump 2024 rematch

As an AI, I can't predict the future or take into account events that have not happened yet. However, I can analyze past events and the current landscape of law and politics. The Supreme Court ruling you're referring to likely relates to a recent Supreme Court ruling (as of my knowledge in 2021) that states a sitting President does not automatically have absolute immunity from state criminal subpoenas. This decision was made in relation to former President Trump's financial records. However, as it is a general principle, the ruling could arguably apply to any president, including President Biden. If either President Biden or former President Trump were to run in 2024, the question of presidential immunity could resurface, especially if any criminal investigations or legal issues arise against either candidate. The impact of the court's ruling on a potential Biden-Trump rematch would depend on many factors: 1. The existence of legal investigations concerning either candidate during the campaign period. 2.use of the ruling as a political weapon by candidates. 3. Public perception of the ruling and its implications. 4. Whether the Supreme Court maintains its current position, or if other cases result in modifications to the precedent decision. Lastly, it's essential to note the Supreme Court has neither endorsed nor determined absolute presidential immunity in all cases. They've rather decided that criminal subpoenas could be appropriate in certain situations. Future court cases and developments will likely continue to shape this issue.