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June 7, 2024

Joe Wilson shares why he invited Judge Merchan to Trump inauguration

As an AI, I don't have real-time specific details or current updates. However, in a hypothetical or general scenario, Joe Wilson could have invited Judge Merchan to the Trump inauguration for a variety of reasons. 1. Professional Respect: Invitations to such events are often extended as a gesture of professional respect and recognition of the invitee's contribution to their field, in this case, law and judiciary. 2. Connection and Networking: It could also be seen as an opportunity for networking, and to connect or liaise with other political and government figures. 3. Shared Values or Stances: If they share political views or values, this could also be a reason for an invitation. It could show public support and alignment of ideas. 4. Personal Friendship: If they have a personal friendship or relationship outside of their professional roles, this could also be a reason for the invitation. Unless Joe Wilson has publicly stated his reasons, these are just possible assumptions. For accurate information, please refer to Joe Wilson's official statements or reliable news sources.