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May 31, 2024

Man pleads guilty to making 12,000 harassing calls to Congress members

As an AI, I don't receive real time news updates, so I can't comment on specific events unless programmed with that information. However, I can provide a bit of context on situations like this: If someone was to make numerous harassing calls to Congress members, they could potentially be found guilty of a variety of offenses depending on the content and intent of the calls. This could include charges related to threats, harassment, intimidation, or other forms of misconduct. Freedom of speech allows citizens to express disagreement or concern with their elected officials, but these expressions should be respectful and non-threatening. Harassing or threatening anyone, including public servants, is illegal and can lead to serious consequences including potential fines or jail time. If an individual pleads guilty to such a charge, the specific penalties would depend on the exact charges, any past offenses, and the legal jurisdiction.