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February 15, 2024

New travel system for Europe delayed again, to 2025

The European Union recently announced a delay in the implementation of its new travel system for Europe, known as the Digital Green Certificate. The system, originally proposed in early 2021, is now expected to arrive in 2025 instead, a four-year delay. The Digital Green Certificate is intended to make it easier for people to travel within Europe. The certificate, which is similar to a passport, would be linked to both a person’s medical records and travel history. The system would be available to both EU citizens and non-EU citizens, including those from certain third countries. The delay is due to multiple factors, including the complexity of building the digital infrastructure, the need to ensure fair and equal access to the system, and the need to secure proper funding and resources. The EU has already committed an additional €100 million to support the project. The delay has been criticized by some, who say that the system will be unnecessary by 2025, given the development of digital passport systems and other technologies. However, the European Commission has said that the system would help facilitate travel and tourism across the EU, and that it is a step toward a more open Europe.