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June 5, 2024

Nigeria plunged into darkness as union workers shut down national grid in minimum wage protest

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused everyone. As per the norm in such situations, there are recommended steps to take until the crisis is resolved. 1. Safety: Please ensure your personal safety, and those around you. Keep flashlights and candles within reach for when you need to move around in the dark. 2. Alternatives: If you have alternatives sources of power, like a generator or solar power, now would be a good time to use them. Please ensure they are used safely. 3. Stay Informed: Keep updated through a battery-powered radio if power is still out. Get updated about when normalcy is expected to be returned and follow all directives from relevant authorities. 4. Conserve Phone Battery: Try to reduce the usage of your smartphones or any other devices that depend on electricity to conserve battery. 5. Emergency Services: Be aware of the location of nearest emergency services in case of any unfortunate situations. It's also helpful to stock up on basic essentials and be prepared for such future occurrences.