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May 30, 2024

Why it seems like everyone you know is going on a cruise

There could be several potential reasons why it seems like everyone you know is going on a cruise: 1. Social Media Influence: Many people share their vacation plans and experiences on social media platforms. This can make it appear like everyone you know is going on a cruise. 2. Increasing Popularity: Cruises have become an increasingly popular option for vacations. They offer a variety of amenities, multiple destinations in one trip and are often all-inclusive, which can make them attractive for a lot of people. 3. Discounts and Deals: Cruise lines often offer deals or discounts, especially during certain seasons. Your acquaintances might be taking advantage of these. 4. Peer Influence: Seeing others go on cruises and hearing their positive experiences can influence more people to choose cruises for their holidays. 5. Time of Year: There may be a specific time of the year when more people are taking vacations, which could be why you're noticing this trend now. 6. Post-Pandemic Travel Boom: As pandemic restrictions ease, many people have been eager to resume travelling. Cruises provide a convenient way to see multiple places without having to do much planning or moving around. Again, remember that your perception may not perfectly match the reality - it might just seem like everyone is going on a cruise when, in fact, you're just more aware of the ones who are.